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Auto-Save User Projects for Shutterfly

Year: 2019-2020
Role & Credits:
UX/UI Designer
Product Manager: Assaf Dressler
Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android). Later incorporated web and mobile web as well (not depicted here)

Intro & Goal

Shutterfly users spend significant time working on their projects, but many of them don't understand how to save them so they can continue it later. Our goal is to make sure they feel confident that they won't lose their project while editing.


The success metrics for this project were:

  • no decline in conversion;

  • increase in visits to 'Saved Projects' and consequently increase the revenue for such projects;

  • improve the user's confidence while editing a project and reduce frustration by making him aware that we saved his work.

Process & Experience

After doing some competitive analysis to research how other apps deal with saving projects, most of the process of this assignment was about defining the logic. We decided we didn't want to add an extra button to the interface, so instead, we just let the users know that we were saving their project while they were working on it. It was also crucial to make sure that our users could find their saved project if they wanted to.


We successfully reached all metrics. The increase in visits to the 'Saved Projects' screen was 25% more. I measured the last point in a user test in person and got more positive user feedback about it in the app after the release.

User interview
Participating in user interviews
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