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AVG Cleaner Experience Redesign

Year: 2015
Role & Credits:
UX/UI Designer
UI support: Marek Pohl
UX support: Steve Leslie
Product Manager: Nir Galili / Anat Dayagi
Team: AVG Cleaner
Platform: Mobile (Android)

Intro & Goal

AVG Cleaner was a freemium app that would help you boost your phone's performance by cleaning your cache, history and temp files, managing running apps, and saving battery. It was one of AVG’s main mobile apps, and it had been available in the app store for many years, but its design was outdated and in need of several UX improvements.


The home screen comprised four large buttons that were not very clear. First-time users had to tap the buttons and start digging to try to understand where things were and what value the app had for them; the interface was unintuitive and frustrating, with numerous uninstalls, many of them almost immediately after installation.

Process & Experience

When I joined the team, after an initial exploration of the application and features, I gathered all of the usability test and research results that were available for the product up until then. Upon studying them, I learned that while existing users enjoyed the service very much, new users experienced major orientation problems, some of them I could relate to, from trying to explore the app for the first time.

Together with the research results, I also received the previous designer’s files. Among them was a decision to add a clear call-to-action to the main screen. I liked that very much because now, instead of having to explore the app to get something done, the user would, in one tap, get a list of all the various actions he could take to clean and boost his phone’s performance. I stuck to this version for a while until, somewhere along the way, I realized that I had to keep the four original buttons available on the main screen to avoid damaging the experience for existing users.


I refreshed and improved the whole UI of the app and redesigned the representation of graphs and other data elements. We did some rethinking on the ‘Battery’ screen because we wanted it to be more evident that it was possible to turn on/off some phone features to save battery.

When we launched the new version, the feedback from the users was much better than expected. Within only two months, AVG Cleaner became the most profitable mobile app of the company, increasing the number of retentions exponentially.

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