AVG Password Manager

Year: 2014
Role & Credits:
Internal UI/UX Lead
Product Manager – Nir Galili
Team: Web/Search (AVG)


Using the Web TuneUp platform, add additional value to our users, helping them keep, manage and protect their passwords around the web.

Process & Experience

To begin, I tried and tested three different password managers and compared their features. It helped me learn a lot about what worked, what didn’t, and what I wished to accomplish as a user. I created a comparison chart and wrote the user stories together with the product manager. It was a long process during which we studied, selected, and perfected the features we wanted and picked up the ones to develop first and on each step of the MVP.

User Stories


One important thing to learn was that although the main interface was discoverable under Web TuneUp’s button, the most important interactions with the user were triggered by behavior. For example:

  • Offer to save a password once the user logs in on a website

  • Remind the user that we can keep and manage his passwords when he arrives at a “Forgot your password?” page

  • Suggest automatically generated passwords when the user signs up to a new website

  • Log in automatically when the user goes to a website to which he already has a saved password

This way, the product would interact with the user only when he needed, saving him the effort of opening the interface.

Unfortunately, the project was canceled within very early stages of development, so I have no results to share about its performance among real users.


1. Before signing up
a. When a password is saved
b. Once 10 passwords were saved
c. When user enters a “Forgot your password” page
a. When entering a website that the login details are saved
b. When entering a website that multiple login details are saved
c. When logging in automatically on a website
d. When signing up for a website
e. Customizing the password
f. After logging in a website, suggesting to save the password
g. If feature is off, suggest turning it on to login easily (when entering a page with login)
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Empty state - no passwords saved
List of passwords saved
Manually add new password (empty state)
Saved password details with indication of password strength
Saved password details - delete confirmation
Settings screen
Settings screen - logout confirmation
Settings screen - logged out
Registration screen (empty)
Registration screen (filled)
Login (email stored)
Login (show hint)
Login error
Password manager turned off on Web TuneUp interface
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