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AVG Speed Download

Year: 2016
Role & Credits:
UX/UI Designer
Product Manager: Shiran Kohai
Team: Velocity (AVG)
Platform: Mobile (Android)


Create an app to boost file downloads by “breaking” it into little pieces and downloading all bits at the same time, similar to how torrent download works. Visually communicate this technology to the users so that they could feel the file downloading faster.

Process & Experience

The app itself didn’t have a lot of actions, but there was different behavior for each file compression type, and besides, there were many different things that could go wrong, so I had to do a study on all the various types of files and errors and how to approach them.

I downloaded a few similar apps to get more familiar with this type of service, but most of the information I acquired came from the long conversations I had with one of the developers. This guy helped me understand the various nuances between the file compression types and also listed in detail the different types of errors we could receive. It took me a while to get the idea since it was not a common ground for me.


Unfortunately, AVG Technologies was acquired by Avast and the Tel Aviv offices were closed just before the launch of this product's first MVP. It was still a fun project to work on!

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