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AVG Charging Screen

Year: 2016
Role & Credits:
UX/UI Designer
Product Manager: Anat Dayagi/Shiran Kohai
Team: Velocity (AVG)
Platform: Mobile (Android)

Intro & Goal

Boost the user's charging every time he connects his device to electricity and communicate it by displaying a visually-appealing screen. The main goal was to increase revenue and engagement using a business model based on advertising (Facebook native ads).

Process & Experience

There were two main challenges in this project:

1. Communicate speed and the charging of the battery. I tried a few different analogies, but in the end, we opted for a spaceship and water.

2. Make the screen engaging enough so that users would keep it even though it was displayed on their main screen and contained ads.

The objective of the Velocity team was to create little apps in quick turn arounds, so no testing was involved in this project.



Our biggest concern was that people would find the app annoying and uninstall it as soon as they saw the charging screen on their device (the installation was an add-on to other apps such as AVG Cleaner and AVG Anti Virus). To our surprise, the users enjoyed the animations very much, and retention was much bigger than expected.

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