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AVG Deal Finder

Year: 2014
Role & Credits:
Internal UI/UX Lead
Product Manager – Nir Galili
Team: Web/Search (AVG)
Platform: Web (PC)

Intro & Goal

Create a tool to make online purchasing more secure, by helping users to find deals that will save them money and keep their computer and paying information safe.

Process & Experience

During the competitive analysis, I tested and compared five different competitors. These competitors had many exciting and diverse features, but none of them provided security ratings. On the other hand, it’s important to say as well that while some of them offered attractive features that we’d like to have, we, as a security company, had to avoid; otherwise, we wouldn't be compliant with Google.


The key differentiators that we wanted to offer were:

  1. Protection - adding security ratings and warning the user when visiting a low-rated online store.

  2. Product match accuracy – only displaying exact matches when offering alternative deals.

Next was figuring out at which points throughout the use flow could we bring the security value for the user. There are many different ways in which internet shopping may be unsafe, and most people don't know how to identify them by themselves. We wanted to make our users feel as safe as possible.


We changed the name of the product several times along the way. It started as AVG Rewards, then AVG ShopGuard, and finally, we went with AVG DealFinder.


This product was full of potential because of its protection added value. The result of the flow was great, a product I would enjoy using myself for online shopping (which it’s a fun type of project to work on, being your own persona).

We used the BBB trust rating system to classify the online stores in addition to our safety engines. No other tool was as complete as the one we created.

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