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Cross-Platform Up-sell at Shutterfly

Year: 2017/2019-2020
Role & Credits:
UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Support: Naama Gershoni / Yaron Stein
Product Manager: Assaf Dressler
Platform: Phase one - Mobile (iOS and Android). Phase two - Mobile and web (desktop and mobile web).

Intro & Goal

Our goal was to increase AOS (Average Order Size), UPO (Units per Order), and total revenue. We wanted to do so by giving users the possibility to up-sell their products while editing, and by offering users the most appealing upgrade option to the product they were purchasing at the right time. Some of the offers already existed on the desktop platform and had to be adapted to the native app.

Process & Experience

Phase one

Based on other similar screens of the app, we defined layouts and behaviors of single and multiple up-sell screens for the native app, in a joint effort with the other two designers (each of us was responsible for a different part of the app).

Phase two

This phase was broader and included contextual and in path up-sells for the different platforms; when I worked on the second phase, it was in parallel with the creation path redesign, so there were a few things to redefine.


The first phase of the project had a result of a 25% conversion, which is impressive. The company hasn't launched the second phase yet, so... stay tuned for the results! :)

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