AVG Web TuneUp

Year: 2013-2014
Role & Credits:
Internal UI/UX Lead
UI/UX Agency – Designit
Product Manager – Nir Galili
Team: Web/Search (AVG)
Platform: Web (PC)

Intro & Goal

We had an existing product, the AVG Toolbar, that was worldwide disliked by all users mostly because it took up browser real estate, but also because it looked and felt just as random and annoying as all other toolbars that invaded the market at that time.

Our task was to take that toolbar and transform it into a delightful tool that would be valuable for users without lowering the revenue we had from the search ads. Context: we changed the users' default search engine to AVG as part of the toolbar package and made a profit from the ads.

Process & Experience

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First, we explored possible formats by drafting and discussing many different ways of adding an interface to a browser window, among them: a line from the top, a side toolbar, a corner button, diagonal interfaces and so many more. Some mocks we tested, and some we simply dismissed.

We tested dark, light, monochromatic, and colorful versions. Surprisingly, users responded better to the light and colorful prototypes that felt clean and natural to the web environment, as opposed to AVG's antivirus software, whose user test revealed that the dark version inspired more confidence to users.

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Just a few of the many iterations

The team unanimously opted for using a single button on the address bar; the interface should stay closed all the time unless opened manually by the user or open by itself if we had to notify the user about something important.

Initially, we had the intention to add about six different features and tools (can be seen on the wireframes), but as we continued to develop this project, we decided to have a more compact product for the MVP. To do so, we made some cuts and ended up launching with only three features.

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Once the MVP was ready, we started AB testing against the previous product. We expected the user satisfaction to increase, but the revenues to drop since the new product was much less in-your-face, and that would decrease engagement. However, to our surprise, not only both KPIs risen but also retention.



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